Recieve Reiki Healing Session, in Stockholm, Östermalm  ( see also info on Reiki in the Swedish page ) or

Distance Reiki Healing through connection through Skype or Phone,

All over the world

60 min Session 1200 sek
30 min 800 sek
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Reiki is "spiritually guided life force energy."

”Reikihealing is a healingform that creates a natural flow in the system. It is Physical connected to Spiritual - towords One – we need both to be able to heal in a holistic way. Reiki is Five dimensional: includes all and is Whole.

The Intellegence of Reiki: Reiki is used with sacred keys/symbols that each has their own unique vibration.  The symbols are like a Sacred "mantra", creating a direct contact with that which the Reiki practitioners address to. They are 5, or more, in dimensions.

Reiki works with a pure intention.  It increases lifeforce in the system and is opening you up to a wider perspective of reality - Awakening. Working through the system to create balance on all levels. Dissolving EGO/Fear.
Reiki respects every part of US.

Reiki is a very good tool together with the Journey towards Awakening, deepening of consciousness, for healing and integration.