LOTUS FLOWER - Chakra Initiation

LOTUS Flower Initiation with Reiki Healing

Receive Initiation of the Lotus Flowers energy in all your chakras - Aschima sends the flower over all your chakras so you will receive the energy of the Lotus flower. It will integrate in your chakras so you open and can drink the flowers nectar.

- The LOTUS FLOWER - Drinks from Earth - Is Grounded in Clay  Support the environment - Self LOVE energy is in the Flower. It Looks like a CROWN - Symbolizing Awakening and the 7 chakras and third eye opening.

Receive the Initiation Distantly ( with a personal intention ) and extra healing - SKYPE and Chakra clearing to give space for a new energy.

15 min extra awake guidance 300 sek

Receive a prayer to open the lotus flowers energy.

With Guidance and prayer 2000 sek

Warmly Welcome to enhance the Feminine contact and Goddess energy of your Soul